Monday 24 September 2018

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Sepehr Can Speak on different areas such as : Sales & Marketing, Nagotiation, Speaker Branding, and How to be a great speaker.

His other great Talks are “event organization” and “How he Turned his event Company” into the best in the Middle East.

More in details Below:
“7 Habits of Highly Effective Speakers”
In 10 years, I have booked some of the World’s Best Speakers, BUT regrettably some of the world’s Worst speakers too!

During all these years, I learnt about all the secrets of World’s Greatest speakers. How their Grew their Brand, and became Famous. In this Session you will learn all about how to be a great speaker with clients coming to you, and booking you as their Favorite speaker, and How to grew your business, and Profit as a great Speaker!
“ How to run a Professional event that sells and attracts”
How to Run an efficient, smooth, and professional money making event with all the seats full. What Media should you use to fill in the hall, and how to bargain to get the sponsors support your event.

How to Create a Buzz for your event that Media talks about, From your MC to Speakers, From the Hall to Promotional leaflets. All and all in an interactive, fun and Thought-Provoking session.
“How I Grew a Company From Scratch to the Best in Class “
How I made my company the best Conference company in the Middle East winning international award in its industry, and nationally recognized as the best Iran’s Event Company. How I managed the team, the vision, the mission, the team synergy, the goals setting system, the inspiration, and motivation.

This is a practical talk which we have walked and how I recruited the best in the country, the award, and penalty system, the leadership in our company.
“How to Negotiate and Sell to Clinch any Deal at any time”
Speaking  on all techniques for getting a deal done when negotiating with a client.

This is a talk I have done many times as was my book title, and the dissertation on my MBA in university.Hailing from 10 years of experience speaking and negotiating with largest companies to sell and clinch deals with them.
How did we do this well to inject money, and profit into our company? In an interactive, fun, and motivating session, I explain all About how I made Rapport with Sponsors, and Clients, and how I sold them in the first meeting!

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