Monday 24 September 2018

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Jack Canfield

To my new beloved Iranian friends

I have enjoyed myself immensely having my too few days with you. I have rarely met people who are so warm, so gracious, such wonderful and hospitable hosts.
I will always remember my time here with great love in my heart. I am grateful for all the hard work that was done by so many to make my event a great success. Everyone came from an attitude of service, always ready to jump in and help at a moment’s notice. What touched me most was how open, joyful and loving everybody seemed. I don’t know if that is part of the Iranian culture or if Sepehr has just attracted the best people due to his great personality and commitment to uplifting the lives of others with a high level of excellence. Whatever may be the truth, I have had a great time.
I return to the United States to tell all my friends and students that Iran is a great country, Iranian are our friends and the images we receive from the television are nowhere near the truth. We are indeed brothers and sisters with so much in common. I look forward to returning many times to work together play together and deepen our friendships. I wish you all love, joy, Peace, freedom and the great success.
Jack Canfield

Brian Tracy

CEO of Brian Tracy International
America's Best Self-help Author and Motivational Speaker

Sepehr Tarverdian
Thank you for everything!
Since I met you in 2008, I have known that you are a real professional. This seminar has been excellent, well-managed and well-organized in every detail. You made several promises and commitments, and you kept every one of them. I look forward to returning to Tehran to work with you, your talented staff, and your wonderful audience for many years into future.
Brian Tracy

Dr. John Demartini

American's Author of 42 International Best-sellers and a speaker at "SECRET"

Thank you for today; Today was a dream come true. I met an amazing group and had an inspiring day sharing my heart with wonderful people of Iran. Your event today was first class, deeply meaningful and impactful. It was fun, informative and inspiring. The audience was warm and first class. I thank you for honoring me with such gifts and an opportunity to share the day with the people you love and now ones I can love. You are a leader, and an inspiration to people now including me. I appreciate you giving me the opportunity to experience the lovely culture and country of Iran.
Love & wisdom
John Demartini
P.S. The hospitality was exceptional!

Allan Pease

World's number one body language speaker

You only ever meet a few people in life who are great to be around, fun to work with and are a great joker! You are one of them mate.
This is my 3rd trip to Iran and it feels like we've known each other forever.
You run a great ship with terrific staff that all make it a pleasure to be here.
You will go on to do great things Sepehr
Allan Pease
Mr. Body Language

Joseph Sherren

Ex-Sales and Marketing Director of IBM


Thank you sir so much ...
- Thank you for being such a professional
- Thank you for inviting me to Iran
- Thank you for your great leadership
- Thank you for your support
- Thank for being a great friend 
You are a great leader, entrepreneur & visionary. 
Your team of employees are the best I have worked with anywhere in the world.

Peter Nixon

Canada's Negotiation Guru & Author

Dear Iran

I love you and thank you, especially Sepehr and team for the kind invitation to join this very important conference and sharing of experience and knowledge between speakers, participants, sponsors and organizers. Best of luck to all organizations and managers present
God bless


Tim Bean

Founder of British Physique Management Institute 


Just a quick note to say how brilliant this whole experience has been! As a speaker it’s rare but wonderful, to find such a warm and welcoming team organizing every last detail for us before, during and after the event.
Thank you so much my friend


Prof. Luis Huete

Harvard University Professor

My dear Iranian friends

I am so thankful for your invitation to come to Tehran! I am impressed by your professionalism and touched by your human quality. Business is the strangest force shaping the quality of our society. We have to upgrade business through management training if we want to have a better country and a better world. Please count on me on that invaluable purpose. We have to lift the human spirit through better leadership.
God blessed you all


Mark Inglis

The only Double Amputee Conquering Everest & a Guiness Record Holder

The opportunity to visit a country of such rich history was something I didn’t think 2013 would bring but thanks to Sepehr and the 5th World Management Forum, it has become a reality. Traveling the city of Tehran with such a knowledgeable guide as Mr. Hadi gave a great insight to Iran, past and present. Even more powerful has been the interaction with such a strong and vibrant business community, a community committed to change and to growth. To be able to share my learning in the company of such esteemed international speaker’s is a rare occasion. 
Thanks Tehran, Thanks Iran, Thanks Sepehr, and your team
Kia Kaha, Stay strong

Geoff Ramm

The creator of Observational Marketing and Author of the “OMG”

To Sepehr

My fellow “Mercury”, friend and more importantly brother!
I arrived in 2009 never knowing what to expect. You are the one that has changed my career forever. Words on this page can NEVER describe how grateful I am. To become the first speaker to present at 4 consecutive conferences is an honor. To be awarded numerous best speaker awards is incredible! To class you as a friend is priceless. I take this opportunity to wish you every future success.
proud of your achievements,
Never stop giving and continue to be the most “OMG” conference organizer in the world.

Love, hug and kisses
Geoff Ramm

Alan Stevens

Ex-president of the Global Speakers Federation

It has been a huge honor and immense pleasure to visit Tehran and speak on your behalf at a superb conference. I was sure that it would be an unforgettable experience, and that is exactly how it has turned out. Your hospitality has been extraordinary, and your expertise in conference organizing is unmatchable.
I look forward to more successful collaborations.
Very best wishes
Alan Stevens

Peter Sylvester

Senior Vice-President International of financial services of the Harley-Davidson,
BMW & Rover Group

I am delighted to have played a part in your excellent conference.

Your welcome has been excellent and the warmth outstanding.
I hope to be invited to Tehran again to help business and your continued success
All the best
Peter Sylveste

Frank Furness

Europe's best Sales speaker and Author of "Walking with Tigers"

To My Great Friend Sepehr

It has been a privilege and honor to have met you and your wonderful family and worked with you. From your parents with the highest morals, they have produced an ambitious, honorable and moderately successful son. 
Sepehr I have seen you grow from strength to strength and I was like a proud father when you received your doctorate. Thanks for inviting me to your great country, fattening me with delicious food and being part of your incredibly successful conferences, but more important, Thanks for being a great friend.
Frank Furness

Michael Jackson

Ex-Senior Vice President of Bank of America and Citibank

What a delight to be invited back a second time in as many months to speak at your fantastic conferences. 
Great team. Great hospitality. Warm friendship. Professional events.
I hope there will be a third time soon.
I can’t wait to come back.

Jo Simpson

Training Manager for London Bridge Group and Manager of Credit Suisse

To Sepehr and all of your team
Thank you from my heart for making my first visit to Iran so very special.
It is truly a privilege to be invited to speak at your wonderfully organized conference.
You and your team are a delight to deal with.
The whole experience has been easy, enjoyable and welcoming.
I look forward to see more of your beautiful country and hope this is the first visit of many.

Thank you, with blessing and much gratitude

Dr. Charles Morgan

CEO of Morgan Motor Co

The welcome I received in Iran was typically warm and heartfelt.

The advances the country has made in the last 10 years are extraordinary.
I definitely see Iran as a future marketplace for Morgan cars.
Please invite me back as I love your country and your people.

Bill Russell

Ex-CEO of Citigroup US

Thank you. Being one of your featured speakers at the International Conference on Sales and Marketing at Recession was a remarkable experience that I will never forget. The facilities were extraordinary, the professionalism of your team exemplary and the attention to detail on every aspect of the conference from transport and meals to photos and filming were spectacular. I can't remember the last time I saw so many excellent presentations, shared so many stories nor had so many laughs.
The true magic was your abilities as a host in getting the entire group of speakers to bond with each other and with you and your team.
I believe I can speak for everyone in saying you and your team goes beyond the call of duty to insure the comfort, enjoyment and well-being of your speakers. And the responsiveness of the audiences was beyond comparison. I felt like a rock star! It was a truly remarkable week.

Prof. Kevin Morley

Ex-CEO OF Rover Car Group, and KMM Advertising

I went to Iran with trepidation and not knowing what to expect.

I have returned from Iran with undoubtedly the best highlights of my year still in my mind!
Sepehr is an excellent host, a professional organizer with a skill and experience that belies his years.
The conferences were very well organized and I learned a great deal from the other speakers who were, to a man and woman, friendly and helpful…..we made a gear team! And I discovered that Iran is a safe and beautiful Country that has certainly been misportrayed by the Western Media so much that I would welcome the opportunity of going there again and experience the work with the some of the friendliest and warmest people in the world!

Paul McGee

Best Selling Author for SUMO (Shut Up Move On)

It has always been a pleasure and a delight to work with Sepehr.

There are several companies in Iran who have invited me over to speak, but the fact remains that there is only one company I would choose to work with and whom I trust completely. 
Sepehr is a man of his word and keeps his promises and I look forward to our ongoing working relationship.

Tony Anderson

First Advertising Head for Easy Jet

The speaking tour of Iran between 29 October and 05 November 2010 was one of the highlights of my career. Seven talks in four cities to audiences of top business people from some of the country's largest and most prestigious companies across a wide variety of industries. 
Simply put; the venues, facilities and organization throughout our stay were world class.
We were treated as honored guests throughout our stay and it was an incredible privilege to visit a country so steeped in history and to experience the extraordinary hospitality of our Iranian hosts.

Quinton Coetzee

Africa's Best Wild Life Speaker

What an absolute pleasure it has been to work whit such professionals.

Not only did you treat us like royalty offering the best in Persian hospitality
You also showed us how a conference SHOULD be runs…PROFESSIONALLY!
You are world-class!
Congratulation and Well Done!

Nigel Risner

CSP & UK's Best-Selling author

To Sepehr and the best team I've worked with.
I have spoken in 30 countries; this has been one of the highlights of my speaking career.
At all times I was treated with respect dignity and for me the most important like family. I can't wait to come back. The experiences I have had are amazing.
I love you all

Dr. Denis Cauvier

Canadian HR Guru & Author of 8 Best Selling books

Not Only you deliver on EVERY Commitment you made to me, but you went beyond my expectations on Several Occasions. It is always so re-refreshing to work with people of integrity and honor, these elements alone made my 12 day Visit the most enjoyable, but you Sepehr are an amazing host, and I’m so glad that I trusted my instincts and accepted your Offer, I Look forward to our next project soon.

Adrian Furnham

As a regular International Conference Speaker, I have delighted by the quality of support I received. This conference has been brilliantly planned and delivered. I know the speakers have enjoyed great support and hospitality and the audience is equally positive.

Anthony Thomson

Over the years I have spoken in hundreds of conferences in over twenty countries on every continent, there is no doubt in my mind that Hamayesh Farazan are the best conference organizer on the planet. If Sepehr Tarverdian ever invite you to Tehran, don't even think about it, accept it without hesitation.

Anthony Thomson

Dear Sepehr
What you are building is legendary. You have put together a team of giants and you share inspiring contexts for leaders to learn, grow and serve. I have not experienced ever a powerful focus on making a difference in the world anywhere else. Keep up with the good work. You still have lots to give and share. I am grateful to having met you

Anthony Thomson

Dear Sepehr and Team!
It is great to come to a place and destination where you feel well taken care of and welcome. I thought the presentation and information leading up to the event were great. Arriving and check-in were seamless! The venue is great, but what impressed me the most was the hospitality and the hunger of the audience to learn and engage. It is a pleasure to be here. Thank you

Beat Buehlmann

To Sepehr and the Team
A big thank you for the great service and organization from hotel to visa to food to eat, all great. I appreciate also the high level speakers, it's a great networking opportunity. All the best and see you soon again

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