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Sepehr Tarverdian Ph.D., DBA, MBA International Motivational Speaker & Consultant

Here are only few outlines that sepehr usually covers in his keynotes and presentations, while he can speak for a keynote of 15 minutes to a workshop of 3 days.

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Selling and Objection Handling
You rarely persuade people to do anything. People persuade themselves."
“Not today, thank you”

sepehr Tarverdian

Here are some facts:

- Most sales courses spend only 1% of their time on the factor that makes 75% of the difference.
- Telling about your product is not selling your product.
- 80% of sales objections are caused by the sales person.

Sepehr sales skills session enhances your skills in all these areas. It shows you the sales skills you need to know to make a success of selling your products and services.

Session Outline:

Sepehr sales skills course first demonstrates clearly the importance of attitude and motivation. You then learn and practice simple, professional questioning techniques which will instantly promote you effectively.

Learn the Use of NLP in Selling and Business Effectively.

Session Format

Attitude, motivation and guaranteed success techniques Finding, contacting and meeting prospects and not suspects.

Professional questioning techniques which create value in the minds of your customers.

Reducing the need for objection handling

Contracts without closing.


“The worlds Most successful People are the Worlds Best Communicators.”

In a wonderful funny workshop sepehr will divide the audience to different colours and will talk on the qualities, each of the colours has, and will elaborate furhter on how to approach and communicate accordingly to each colour, and will share rich information on the weaknesses and strenths of each colour.

He also shares his experiences on the essentials and basics of communication and will start developing them in the audience so that they would leave the workshop as real communicators.

“Communication is an art essential to have to survive”
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"You Can Negotiate Anything, Anywhere"

‘Only make a great deal if you do not want to do business with that person again. Otherwise, make a good deal’.

‘Let us never negotiate out of fear, but let us never fear to negotiate’ (JFK)
You may be reluctant to negotiate because you are afraid of an unfamiliar process. Discover the basics of negotiation and understand the principle of ‘both sides winning’.
Learn to start from a strong position, bargain effectively, establish common ground and close a deal.
The unskilled negotiator usually ends up giving away the shop without knowing how to present the true value of his proposition to the other side.

In most cases, he or she has not uncovered the buyers real need and does not know how to deal with the carefully rehearsed tactics of the opposition. Learn the value of planning and preparation. Also how and when to employ effective negotiating ploys of your own - threats, bluffs, intimidation and emotion.

Sepehr will present the delegates ways that can further improve their skills while negotiating, to impact the other side and the audience in a funny and practical manner.

‘The 3 Essential TIP Controls’
Believe it or not, negotiating is a game. In this game you have to understand and control 3 essential elements: Time, Information and Power. Time: if you know their deadline and they do not know yours you control time. Information: the more you have before you sit down the better you will perform when you do. Power: If you think you have it you have it. If you do not think you have it you do not.

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