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Sepehr Tarverdian Ph.D., DBA, MBA International Motivational Speaker & Consultant
Jack Canfield
Jack Canfield
To my new beloved Iranian friends
I have enjoyed myself immensely having my too few days with you. I have rarely met people who are so warm, so gracious, such wonderful and hospitable hosts.
I will always remember my time here with great love in my heart. I am grateful for all the hard work that was done by so many to make my event a great success. Everyone came from an attitude of service, always ready to jump in and help at a moment’s notice. What touched me most was how open, joyful and loving everybody seemed. I don’t know if that is part of the Iranian culture or if Sepehr has just attracted the best people due to his great personality and commitment to uplifting the lives of others with a high level of excellence. Whatever may be the truth, I have had a great time.
I return to the United States to tell all my friends and students that Iran is a great country, Iranian are our friends and the images we receive from the television are nowhere near the truth. We are indeed brothers and sisters with so much in common. I look forward to returning many times to work together play together and deepen our friendships. I wish you all love, joy, Peace, freedom and the great success.
Brian Tracy
Brian Tracy
CEO of Brian Tracy International America's Best Self-help Author and Motivational Speaker
Sepehr Tarverdian
Thank you for everything!
Since I met you in 2008, I have known that you are a real professional. This seminar has been excellent, well-managed and well-organized in every detail. You made several promises and commitments, and you kept every one of them. I look forward to returning to Tehran to work with you, your talented staff, and your wonderful audience for many years into future.
Randy Gage
Randy Gage
Network Marketing Founder Bestselling Athor
Dear Sepehr Tarverdian, I love what you are doing and the area of the world you are doing it in. You and your whole team can be most proud. Thanks for the chance to work with you. Do. Epic. Work.
Dr. John Demartini
Dr. John Demartini
American's Author of 42 International Best-sellers and a speaker at "SECRET"
  Thank you for today; Today was a dream come true. I met an amazing group and had an inspiring day sharing my heart with wonderful people of Iran. Your event today was first class, deeply meaningful and impactful. It was fun, informative and inspiring. The audience was warm and first class. I thank you for honoring me with such gifts and an opportunity to share the day with the people you love and now ones I can love. You are a leader, and an inspiration to people now including me. I appreciate you giving me the opportunity to experience the lovely culture and country of Iran.
Love & wisdom 
John Demartini 
P.S. The hospitality was exceptional!
Allan Pease
Allan Pease
World's number one body language speaker
  You only ever meet a few people in life who are great to be around, fun to work with and are a great joker! You are one of them mate.
This is my 3rd trip to Iran and it feels like we've known each other forever. 
You run a great ship with terrific staff that all make it a pleasure to be here.
You will go on to do great things Sepehr
Allan Pease
Mr. Body Language
Joseph Sherren
Joseph Sherren
Ex-Sales and Marketing Director of IBM
Thank you sir so much ...
- Thank you for being such a professional
- Thank you for inviting me to Iran
- Thank you for your great leadership
- Thank you for your support
- Thank for being a great friend 
You are a great leader, entrepreneur & visionary. 
Your team of employees are the best I have worked with anywhere in the world.
Peter Nixon
Peter Nixon
Canada's Negotiation Guru & Author

Dear Iran

I love you and thank you, especially Sepehr and team for the kind invitation to join this very important conference and sharing of experience and knowledge between speakers, participants, sponsors and organizers. Best of luck to all organizations and managers present
God bless

Tim Bean
Tim Bean
Founder of British Physique Management Institute


Just a quick note to say how brilliant this whole experience has been! As a speaker it’s rare but wonderful, to find such a warm and welcoming team organizing every last detail for us before, during and after the event.
Thank you so much my friend

Prof. Luis Huete
Prof. Luis Huete
Harvard University Professor

My dear Iranian friends

I am so thankful for your invitation to come to Tehran! I am impressed by your professionalism and touched by your human quality. Business is the strangest force shaping the quality of our society. We have to upgrade business through management training if we want to have a better country and a better world. Please count on me on that invaluable purpose. We have to lift the human spirit through better leadership.
God blessed you all

Mark Inglis
Mark Inglis
The only Double Amputee Conquering Everest & a Guiness Record Holder


The opportunity to visit a country of such rich history was something I didn’t think 2013 would bring but thanks to Sepehr and the 5th World Management Forum, it has become a reality. Traveling the city of Tehran with such a knowledgeable guide as Mr. Hadi gave a great insight to Iran, past and present. Even more powerful has been the interaction with such a strong and vibrant business community, a community committed to change and to growth. To be able to share my learning in the company of such esteemed international speaker’s is a rare occasion. 
Thanks Tehran, Thanks Iran, Thanks Sepehr, and your team
Kia Kaha, Stay strong

'Allan Pease'
'John Demartini'
'Jack Canfield'
'Brian Tracy'

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